Using Call Tracking to identify where your most important leads are coming from.

When your phone rings do you know how and where they got your number? What prompted them to call you? How much did you spend to make that call happen?

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the process of tracking the origin of a call with specialized software that allows you to use your incoming calls to improve your advertising strategy and get a better understanding of your ROI.

How to Use Call Tracking

Call tracking is used by companies of all sizes to track almost any advertising campaign both online and off. Call tracking analytic’s will help you to better understand which campaigns and marketing messages are giving you the best return on investment and how to improve the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns.

Using Call Tracking for ROI

Some of the benefits of using a unique phone number in an ad campaign are

  • Saves time and inaccurate data from having employees ask the customer on how they found your business. When they say “online” does that mean that they clicked on your Google Ad or did they go directly to your website?
  • When you record the calls you can get a better idea on how well your staff is handling the incoming calls. Are they doing a great job, or do they need some coaching.
  • Prevents you from stopping campaigns that are actually working for you because you may not think that they are working.
  • Simultaneously track multiple campaigns.

Take Away

The first step in using call tracking is defining your campaign goals. Know in advance what your metrics are so you can decide if a campaign is making you money or costing you money. Also, make sure that you have someone that answers the phone ….. calls that are not answered or voicemail’s not returned often will lead to a lost client.