Managed Pay-Per-Click Advertising

ppc-search-enginesPPC advertising gives you the opportunity to drive triple qualified prospects into your business funnel. You only pay when someone has jumped through 3 different hoops before getting to your landing page. The problem is that MOST companies are spending money on traffic that may be qualified but doesn’t convert.

For most businesses the highest quality lead that they can receive is someone who is 1. Located in the area that they serve. 2. Are actively looking for what your business offers. 3. Saw enough value in your ad to click on it. 4. Picked up the phone and called.

Our technology allows us to identify and optimize based NOT on clicks to your site but on what you REALLY WANT …. Conversions! We are able to track back to the source which traffic not only visited your site but also picked up the phone and made a call or filled out a form. Then we identify when, where and how that traffic was generated and optimize your budget to drive leads when they are most likely to convert.

Pay-Per-Click Performance Report

Let us do a Free analysis of your current Adwords program. Our grading algorithm uses more that 50 different factors including ad spend data, Quality Score, ranking, impression to evaluate how we can help you improve.

We will identify ….

  • Wasted Spend
  • Quality Scores
  • Click Through Rates
  • Account Activity
  • Text Ads
  • Long-Tail Keywords
  • Impression Shares
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile Advertising
  • PPC Best Practices