Using Call Tracking to identify where your most important leads are coming from.

When your phone rings do you know how and where they got your number? What prompted them to call you? How much did you spend to make that call happen? What is Call Tracking? Call tracking is the process of tracking the origin of a call with specialized software that allows you to use your incoming calls to improve your advertising strategy and get a better understanding of your ROI. How to Use Call Tracking Call tracking is used by companies of all sizes to track almost any advertising campaign both online and off. Call tracking analytic’s will help you to better understand which campaigns and marketing messages are giving you the best return on investment and how to improve the effectiveness of ongoing campaigns. Using Call Tracking for ROI Some of the benefits of using a unique phone number in an ad campaign are Saves time and inaccurate data

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Why Landing pages will increase your conversions.

Let’s face it, a blind monkey can send traffic to any website or landing page. Getting visitors to your website is not a big problem. The problem is that MOST business don’t have an unlimited budget to spend on driving traffic that does not convert into a lead. With landing pages you are able to be more precise in what your call to action and messaging is as it relates to what the user is actually looking for. For example, let’s say that you own a carpet cleaning company. Most carpet cleaners have several services that they offer, for example …. general carpet cleaning, pet stain removal, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, etc. Instead of driving all of your clients to one general page, send them to specific landing pages that talk about the exact solution they want. Here are some tips on how to convert them once you

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Google changes the entry requirements for businesses that want to be found on mobile devices.

With over 80% of smartphone users saying that they use a search engine on the device at least one or more times a day there is no doubt that having your website mobile friendly is one of the major upgrades that EVERY business should make this year. Google recently announced that they would prioritize organic search results favoring the sites that have a mobile ready website for those searches being conducted on a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet to enhance the end users experience. Google has always been true to its core belief that the search results are all about what is best for the user NOT what is best for the website owner. In 2014 searches on mobile devices exceeded desktops for the first time, this has prompted Google to de-prioritize websites that do not offer a solid mobile experience for the end user. Here are a

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